Whale shark gulp in 3D slow motion, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

We had in excess of 500 whale sharks (*Rhincodon typus*) at Isla Mujeres today in perfectly clear skies and mirror-flat water. I am speechless... but not speechless enough to try to upload some video (the internet is fast enough tonight for me to get a few videos online).

Click through for 3D version of the video, plus a bonus video of Heidi Connal swimming with a "botella" (bottle) -- a whale shark that is vertical in the water gulping water without moving (well, it rotates, but it stays in the same place).

Heidi with a whale shark:

It is Alexis, Nathalie and Heidi's first time in the water with whale sharks. Do you think they might be a little spoiled? ;)