Whale sharks aggregation from the surface

Whale shark aggregation off of Isla Mujeres
It has been extremely difficult to capture the scale of the whale shark (*Rhincodon typus*) migration off of Isla Mujeres. Underwater, one can only snap a still photo of 4-5 sharks at the most, and my [11-shark video sequence](http://echeng.com/journal/2010/08/02/11-whale-sharks-isla-mujeres/) was the best I could do. From the tuna tower of the boat, hundreds of sharks are visible, but the ones in the distance are hard to make out in a still photo at web resolution.

We're going up in the air today to try to capture something that really shows the scale of the migration. The sharks are dwindling in number by the day because bonito spawn on the lunar cycle, but hopefully, we will come back with something compelling!