The GoPro Shark Experiment

The [Eye of Mine underwater housing]( for GoPro cameras is simple: it's a stock GoPro housing with a replacement flat port. Although the standard GoPro housing is waterproof and rated to 60 meters, it won't focus underwater because of its tiny little dome port. Eye of Mine's simple solution lets you capture sharp images underwater using a GoPro Hero HD camera. I took an Eye of Mine-housed GoPro Hero HD camera to the Bahamas a few days ago and played with sharks:

Although I'm used to cameras many times the cost of a GoPro, and I was really impressed by the footage I managed to capture. Specifically, I can't imagine putting any other camera inside a shark's mouth! (Also, the footage does actually look pretty good.)

Special thanks to Russell Latimer of [Eye of Mine]( for the loaner housing (which is still in relatively good shape, considering the abuse I put it through); to [Jim Abernethy](, my good friend and shark guide in the Bahamas for 9 years now; to [Sterling Zumbrunn]( for providing third-party camera footage, and to [Ultralight Control Systems]( for providing the AD-GO ball adapter to connect the GoPro housing to my rig.