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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2010-09-20

  • Back in port after spending a week in the Bahamas. Would check email, but received many gigantic attachments. Will be back online 100% 9/21. #
  • OK. Kicked everyone else off my MiFi and can now download email at full speed. Have to do trip slideshow tonight... #
  • Using "i need help lol" as a forum post title communicates a great deal of information. #
  • Updated with a second video: The GoPro Shark Experiment #
  • 100' visibility and a couple dozen goliath groupers at the Zion. Is it better to have crappy 3D footage or an excellent still image? :( #
  • The group is going for a dive at the Blue Heron Bridge #
  • Shen just ambushed us on the Shear Water (he was diving the Blue Heron Bridge). He's using fiber optic snoots. #
  • OK, I'm excited about some of the 3D shark footage I got. Shows the potential of the rig I have! #
  • Just released 50 baby loggerhead turtles on the beach. Thank you, Jeanette and Mike! #
  • Pam is in a fashion show right now, and @lfstewart sent me a photo! Thank you. :) #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video -- GoPro Underwater Shark Experiment #
  • Wakodahatchee park. Beautiful! #
  • @Daffs Daff! Congrats on new HTC Incredible. Beware of battery issue: in reply to Daffs #
  • @tonywu tried to go to local Vietnamese resto in North Palm Beach -- closed. Had to do BBQ instead. Need to return to California! in reply to tonywu #
  • An incredible new Seacam accessory: #