Peter's empty lot barbecue

I processed one of the [Fuji FinePix Real 3D W3](/journal/2010/09/08/fuji-finepix-real-3d-w3-mpo-and-3d-avi-files-on-mac-os-x/) images today using [StereoPhoto Maker]( (running in Parallels).

*3D image of Peter with flames at his ground-breaking celebration (anaglyph red/cyan glasses required). You can also check out the [universal L-R-L version](/journal/images/misc/echeng101002_0265935_lrl.jpg), which looks much better (if you know how to view them)*

The Fuji gives a good 3D effect that looks great on its rear lenticular 3D LCD, but when viewed at a normal size, image quality is horrible. This image above was taken at ISO 200, and is still really crunchy (and has low dynamic range). All I can guess is that it was too expensive to put two high quality cameras lenses, sensors, and processors into one camera body.

Still, it's fun.