Ordering 3D prints from FinePix REAL 3D W3 and W1

Fuji's [product page](http://www.fujifilm.com/products/3d/camera/finepix_real3dw1/features/index.html) for the FinePix REAL 3D W1 lists a "High-resolution 3D Print System" which W1 owners can theoretically take advantage of for ordering 3D lenticular prints. I tried to order a couple 3D prints today, and I'd bet money that Fuji barely ever sells any 3D prints. I loaded up Fuji's MyFinePix Studio, the (terrible) piece of software that comes with the Fuji W3, but when I tried to order a print using a 3D MPO file as a source, it told me that I couldn't print 3D images. So I clicked on the icon for online print orders, which took me to [See Here](http://www.seehere.com/), which is presumably Fuji's print provider. At See Here, you can upload MPO files and add them to your cart. However, by default, you're ordering standard 2D prints. This is not obvious. At the bottom of the Order Prints page is a little link that says, "Click here if you would like to order a 3D print."

This link takes you to a [3D Prints](http://www.seehere.com/proProductDetails.do?productId=15570&imgEditImageSubSID=4) page.

Start here for 3D prints (and come back here for each new print you want to add)

Click on "Create Now," and you're taken to an options page with no options other than to "Continue."

A truly useful page in the ordering process

Upload some images in Composer view, add a photo, and then add to cart.

The Composer. Lets you add exactly one image to your order.

You're now stuck in the cart with no option to add another image. If you go back using the back button and add another image to the cart, it simply replaces the item that is already in your cart. To add a second 3D image for printing, you have to manually go back to the [3D Prints](http://www.seehere.com/proProductDetails.do?productId=15570&imgEditImageSubSID=4) page and go through the process again. I recommend keeping the URL for the 3D prints page in your clipboard. After you add each image to your cart, you can simply paste the URL back into your browser's location field and hit enter.

Multiple 3D prints in the cart! A miracle!

I'm sure none of this really matters. At $6.99 per 5x7" 3D lenticular print (-25% for the October sale), Fuji isn't selling very many of these things. Still, it's much cheaper than [other lenticular print providers](http://www.snap3d.com/2-image-lenticulars/s_price_list.html), and there aren't very many options out there...