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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2010-11-22

  • Coke with milk?? #
  • There is nothing quite like the light of a setting sun under a stormy sky. #
  • Wandering around the beautiful village of Toraja, in central Sulawesi. #
  • Australians are telling me that "lollies" include things like gummy worms, mints and other kinds of non-lollipop candy. I protest! #
  • Leaving Toraja in the morning for the long drive back to Makassar. Loved the visit! #
  • @tammyloh come on a trip with me sometime! #
  • Missing the Wetpixel / DivePhotoGuide party at DEMA in Vegas (stuck in a car in Indonesia). #
  • @sterlingz and @adam_hanlon are doing a fantastic job covering DEMA 2010. Check out day 2's coverage on Wetpixel! #
  • RT @tonywu: New post: Equipment Note: Totomega Insect-Eye Lens #
  • @sterlingz Whoah -- you must have been up late or really early. Typical Wetpixel DEMA experience. :) #
  • Gorged ourselves at the Hotel Aryaduta Makassar dinner buffet in Indonesia. Great food here! Onward to Sorong tomorrow, en route to Misool. #
  • Landed in Sorong (jet passed kids playing on the runway). Now, 4-4.5 hour crossing to Misool Eco-Resort. #
  • Just passed Mike Veitch, Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock; they are on the Damai in Sorong harbor and we are on a speedboat headed to Misool! #
  • @tonywu whaa? The Rhinopias shows up as we leave? #