Weekly Twitter Digest: 2010-11-29

  • @tonywu Julie wants a Japanese toilet. Please arrange. #
  • Got them most epic footage of a yellow-nosed shrimp goby, alpheid shrimp and dartfish in burrow, and the lens fogged up, ruining footage! :( #
  • Beautiful dive this morning - lots of behavior. Unfortunately, had 3D rig, so was unable to capture. #
  • Got serial number 0001 of the 2011 Raja Ampat park entrance tag! #
  • Enjoying shooting moon and stars. The night sky is incredible from Misool Eco-Resort! #
  • 4 sargassum frogfish, 1 normal frogfish, a nudibranch, wrasses and more in a clump of sargassum in the lagoon! #