Lady Gaga is Creative Director at Polaroid. Whut?

Lady Gaga at the Polaroid booth at CES
When I walked by the Polaroid booth yesterday, I thought to myself, "Hmm. I should go by their booth to see why they still exist." Instead, I walked to the Canon booth (next door) and started looking at the prints in one of their displays. About half an hour later, Lady Gaga appeared at the Polaroid booth to unveil a few new products: a portable printer, some sort of camera, and glasses with an embedded camera (the first, they claim, but they were beaten by the [Liquid Image Goggles]( long ago). She took a picture of the audience with her Blackberry, yelled "You're fucking famous!" and printed the photo out on the portable printer.

Apparently, [Lady Gaga is the new Creative Director at Polaroid]( I find this to be totally bizarre -- and, distracting. I'm not even a fan of her music, but I was so distracted by her presence and the huge crowd around her that I still have no idea what the new Polaroid camera is or does.