Setting up Gmail properly on iPad and iPhone / iOS 4

A post I wrote in April 2010 called [How to properly set up Gmail on your iPad](/journal/2010/04/05/how-to-properly-set-up-gmail-with-your-ipad) has gotten nearly 50,000 page views since it went live. Users of Gmail are used to its archive-instead-of-delete model, but by default, Apple devices prior to iOS 4 were deleting trashed messages when integrated with Gmail. iPads running the original OS and iPhones running iPhone OS 1.1.2 -> 3.x needed special instructions to set up Gmail accounts properly, which is detailed in the post I linked to above. Starting from iOS 4, setting up an iPhone or iPad using the big "Gmail" button archives mail by default instead of deleting it (but there is an option to go back to deleting mail). The trash icon even becomes a filing cabinet icon to signify archiving instead of trashing. I'm not sure what happens to drafts and sent mail in the new scheme.

Note that older versions of iPhone and iPad operating systems continue to delete trashed Gmail messages unless you set the account up as an "Other" mail account as detailed in [my other post](/journal/2010/04/05/how-to-properly-set-up-gmail-with-your-ipad).

I'm still using the old way to talk to Gmail on my iPad, and it continues to work well.

Here's [what Google says to do]( as of today (January 8, 2011):

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