London robbery scam

This is the second email like this I've gotten from a friend's compromised email account. People, please don't fall for stuff like this! > This had to come in a hurry and it has left me in a devastating state. I am in some terrible situation and I'm really going to need your urgent help. Yesterday, unannounced, I came down to London for an urgent situation. Well we actually got robbed and they made away with my wallet (which included my cash, diaries and credit cards). My cell phones were not brought along since I did not get to roam them before coming over. The phone cables have been burnt including internet connection cables and the Hotel's database has been compromised as well. So all I can do now is pay cash and get out of here quickly. > I have spoken to the embassy here but they are not responding to the matter effectively,I will appreciate if you can lend me the sum of $2450 to sort-out my bills and to get the next available flight home, I'll Refund the money back to you as soon as i return, let me know if you can be of any help. Please be rest assured that I'd have your money reimbursed to you immediately I get home. I hope to read from you as soon as possible. Please keep this to yourself only! i will explain better to you when i get back home.

It's a [common scam](, and I'm putting it here on the web to add yet another page for Google to find and index in the hopes that people will find it.