My $2.99 (shipped) iPhone 4 dock and cable

$2.99 iPhone 4 dock and cable 2 weeks ago, I ordered an [iPhone 4 dock and USB cable]( off of eBay for $2.99 shipped, which seemed impossibly low. As promised, the dock and cable came in the mail today shipped from Shenzhen, China (not surprisingly, the same city in which iPhones are made). Although the dock is black and is made of a different material, the fit and finish matches what I'd expect of a product made by Apple. Who knows? Maybe they used the same machines. :)

$2.99 iPhone 4 dock

At 10% the price of an Apple dock, it was an incredible deal (I bought 2). If this vendor can make money selling a dock & cable for $2.99 shipped from China, imagine Apple's margin on its branded accessories!

**UPDATE**: I forgot to note that I have Wrapsol applied to my iPhone, and it fits just fine in the dock.