Tahiti shark dive @ TOPDIVE-Bathys, French Polynesia

We did two shark dives in Tahiti hosted by [TOPDIVE-Bathys](http://www.topdive.com/tahiti-diving.html) dive center. I've done shark dives all around the world, and was really impressed by the number of gray reef sharks in the area. We had approximately 50 gray reef sharks, a few black-tip reef sharks, and a couple lemon sharks. A tiger shark has been at the dive semi-regularly, but it didn't show up for us.

Given that Tahiti is an easy, 8-hour flight from LAX, the shark dive at TOPDIVE-Bathys might be the most accessible dive with lots of sharks for those of us who live in California.

I'm told that the baited dive is both new and controversial here on the island, and interestingly, the Tahiti shark dive isn't even highlighted on the TOPDIVE-Bathys website (but the [Moorea shark dive](http://www.topdive.com/shark-diving.html) is). But given the quality of the local shark dive, it will no doubt attract a good number of divers in the shark diving community.