Eric Cheng's Top 10 Underwater Photography Tips

Here are the slides from the 90-minute seminar I gave at [Monterey Shootout 2011]( I always create slides without many words, preferring to talk through the points spontaneously, but it may be useful to some folks out there. When I have more time, I'll come back and add captions with notes about each of the points (and why I included specific pictures and videos).

On a side note, I have discovered that the photo and video player over at Google+ is excellent as a slideshow player on the web (as long as you do not require intra-slide interactivity).[^1] I can mix still images / video and re-order slides, and the blacked-out "theater" (to steal the Facebook word for it) is pleasing and promotes real-time interaction.

[^1]: Note that I do not really use Google+, yet, so if you interact with me in that social environment, I may not respond. I'm in evaluation mode. I have tried to import my connections via the various methods out there, and Google+ seems to fail constantly when I do anything in batch (e.g., add more than 10 people to a circle at once).