Google+'s photography engagement levels are incredible

On Monday afternoon, I decided to use Google+ to [post the slides of a talk](/journal/2011/09/12/eric-chengs-top-10-underwater-photography-tips/) I had just given at the Monterey Shootout 2011. I really like how pictures and videos are handled by Google+, and using it to present one of my talks (which are typically picture-heavy) seemed to be perfect. On Tuesday, at 3:38PM, an underwater photographer named [Elena Kalis]( shared my talk with her circles on Google+. At around 7pm, I uploaded 33 underwater pictures to [my Scrapbook]( At 9:47pm, Vic Gundotra [shared a link to the album]( At 10:04pm, [Brian Rose did](, as well. Sergey Brin left a few comments shortly after 11pm (Mr. Brin dabbles in underwater photography, himself). Robert Scoble [picked up and shared the album]( at 12:32am.

At 12:56am, just 6 hours after I updated my scrapbook and 9 hours after Elena shared out the link to my talk, 1,430 people have me in their circles. 1,430 happens to be the exact number of [Twitter]( followers I have. That's right: it took me 2 days on Google+ to arrive at the same number of followers I attracted on Twitter in 1644 days.[^1] Granted, I use Twitter as a broadcast service and tweet about all sorts of random things, but the reception to my photography over on Google+ has been nothing short of incredible. After spending a couple hours on the site tonight, it is obvious that the reception to ALL FORMS of photography at Google+ is fantastic, and that engagement levels are extremely high.

Methinks I will be spending some time over there. Want [an invite]( [+Eric Cheng](

**Side note:** What's amusing is that this post will get picked up automatically by Facebook and Twitter, but not by Google+. I'm really looking forward to a time when Google+ gets integration with HootSuite and other social media aggregators.

[^1]: 41 more people added me in the time it took to write this post.