Shark Diving in French Polynesia (podcast)

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In July, I went to French Polynesia with Fabrice Charleux of []( to capture stills and video of the incredible schools of gray reef sharks that call its remote atolls home. At that time, I [posted only a few still frames](/journal/tag/frenchpolynesia2011/) from the trip—not because I didn't want to share, but because I had something larger planned. When I returned home, I called up Mary Lynn Price of [DiveFilm]( and asked her if she would be interested in collaborating in a podcast episode. Luckily, Mary Lynn was excited about the project, and together, we have finally finished and published a new DiveFilm HD episode on the sharks of French Polynesia. To see the video, please download it from iTunes. DiveFilm is currently the only ocean-related podcast featured by Apple, and the only way to make sure it stays there is to have folks download and view it through iTunes!

Links to podcast: [DiveFilm HD on iTunes]( The episode is called "Shark Diving French Polynesia!"

Special thanks to [Fabrice Charleux]( (gracious host and organizer; translator; subtitling), [Mary Lynn Price]( (editor; podcast goddess), Don Kehoe (grumpy photo assistant), [Dave Patchen]( (supporting friend), [Adam Tow]( (interview camera assistance) and Rae Chang (interview assistance). This would not have been possible without all of you!

Footage taken with Canon 7D, Canon S95, and [GoPro]( Hero camera in [Eye of Mine]( flat-port housing.