Leaving Hong Kong

Good bye, Hong Kong! See you next time. Good bye, Hong Kong! See you next time. Thanks to everyone who made time to see me while I was here, including the AsiaD folks; [Rae Chang](http://www.alivenotdead.com/raechang), [Adam Tow](http://tow.com), and his family; [Winnie Cheng](https://plus.google.com/112595175874708982248); [Ryanne Lai](https://plus.google.com/108254462760252685567); [Timothy Redel](http://timothyredel.com); Edward and Jacqueline Lai of [Nauticam](http://nauticam.com/); [Aey Komson](http://www.aeykomson.com), [Mean Mora](http://mmoraa.com) and Jan; [Tammy Loh](http://www.flickr.com/photos/tammyloh/).

I'm off to Indonesia tomorrow for the Wetpixel Ultimate Indonesia Expedition 2011. I'll have sporadic access to email while I'm away, and almost no image-sharing ability (except for posts to my journal via Flickr). See you when I'm back!