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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2011-10-31

  • Denied from 118th floor of Ritz Carlton due to flip flop status. I'm not "high profile" enough! W/@Laihiu #
  • @tammyloh they offered to loan me long pants, but didn't have loaner shoes #
  • I take silence from my Hong Kong taxi driver to mean that he understood and is taking me to my destination. #
  • @inafried hah! Well, I have been to Shanghai since 95, so it might be fun. Also, I will nap on the way. #
  • Incredible photos. World War II: The Fall of Imperial Japan from The Atlantic #
  • Arrived in Bali. Indonesia has streamlined their visa on arrival process since last year. Better now! #
  • I have an unlocked Blackberry 9650 on Verizon (cdma/gsm). If I put a local sim card into it, will I still get Blackberry email? #
  • I will always think it hilarious that resort security in Bali searches under the car, but not in it. #
  • Hmm. I can get email on my Blackberry (roaming on Verizon) but not send email. Indonesia data is never easy. #
  • Wetpixel Expeditions is underway aboard the Damai Dua out of Maumere. This boat is incredible! #
  • Had 2 incredible critter dives in Alor this morning. 3 rhinopias, tons o' xeno crabs, nudibranches, and more! #
  • We floated near a volcano last night, which erupted with a loud hissing burst of lava every 15 minutes or so. Incredible light show. #
  • Beautiful sunset to amplified prayer from the local mosque. #
  • We just recorded 16C (61F) on a dive in Alor. Is this Indonesia, or what?! We're dying in our 3mm suits. #
  • 5 rhinopias in a single dive at Mucky Mosque this morning. #