Weekly Twitter Digest: 2011-11-21

  • Last night on the Damai II. Tomorrow, I'll have to wear shoes (well, flip flops) again after 25 days of being barefoot! #
  • Julie Edwards photographed about 95 species of nudibranchs on our trip to Indo(not counting the ones the rest of us got). #
  • Headed to the Labuanbajo airport for the 2-day trip home. Anyone in Bali want to meet up tonight? #
  • There is a carrier and several other warships off of Bali. Guess they're here for Obama? #
  • My Blackberry just crashed while I was trying to shut it down. I cannot wait to be back on iPhone! #
  • SQ staff in Bali sang La Bamba at the end of the jetway to send off passengers. #