Did Siri stop working on your Verizon iPhone 4S? Here's how I fixed mine.

I have an iPhone 4S on Verizon. Last week, I asked Siri a question, and she responded, "I'm really sorry, but I can't take any requests right now." After 24 hours, it was clear that Siri was broken. I looked only, and there were dozens of support webpages offering various tips on how to get the service working again; apparently, it is pretty common for Siri, clearly labeled a beta product by Apple, not to work. This is unfortunate because the iPhone itself is clear NOT a beta product. For any Apple-branded service not to work taints the entire iPhone experience. Here's how I finally managed to get Siri to work again:

1. **Settings->General->Reset->Reset All Settings.** This will reset things like your Desktop background, notification settings, and network settings, but will not delete any applications or user data. After I did this, Siri worked, but there were still a few problems: Siri refused to call anyone, and all phone numbers in my address book seemed to want to be 9 digits instead of 10. For example, if I entered a normal, 10-digit phone number like (415) 123-4567, Address Book would display it as "4151234567". However, if I removed the last digit, it would display, "(415) 12-34-56". Truly bizarre.

2. **I turned off Siri.**

3. **I dialed *228 and selected option 2** to update roaming.

4. After updating roaming, **I turned Siri on again and waited** for the phone to connect to the Verizon network. At this point, 10-digit phone numbers were again recognized and re-formatted to the proper "(xxx) xxx-xxxx". Siri was again able to dial.

I hate wasting time trying to get services to work properly. One of the reasons I have an iPhone is that I just want things to work, and all of the effort expended to figure out a way to get Siri to work was not fun. If I wanted to endlessly tweak my devices, I'd still be on Android!

Anyway, I hope this post helps folks out there to get Siri working again on their Verizon iPhones.