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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2011-12-26

Tweets posted by @echeng during the week of 2011-12-26.

  • @jamesgmorgan They've got my direct mobile line. #
  • Time to vote for @Lytro for CES Last Gadget Standing finalist! If you have time, please vote again. #
  • My new Google+ profile features an animated tiger shark (from one of my pictures). Profile: Video: #
  • 'tis the season to be stre-ssed. fa-la-la-la-la-la… la-la-la-la. #
  • Huge headache. Being sick is a drag. #
  • posted a video with UW footage from GoPro Hero 2 w/BlurFix housing (so you can focus underwater). #
  • Dear First Round Capital-funded companies. I feel for you. #
  • Sourceforge is advertising Stuart Weitzman shoes to Pam (she's uploading documentation). She is very impressed that they know what she... #
  • CrumplePop filters (like ToneGrade) are $39 instead of $75 this week via coupon code: #
  • Kernel panic! Oh well—I was trying to restart, anyway... #
  • @Lytro employees featured in "Learning to Shoot Light Field" blog post: #
  • As a Mac user, I'm hesitant to install anything with an installer that is so ugly. #nvidia #
  • @committedphoto Thank you! #
  • We now have foldable Lytro cameras in all three colors—perfect for Christmas ornaments, or for gift placeholders. #
  • Hoping for magical cures, but know that none exist. Rest+hydration. #
  • @Lytro living pictures can now be embedded in blogs! Send me links to your embeds. :) #
  • @freytagfilm Yes—received. We have been completely overwhelmed with emails from photographer and filmmakers. I'll send you a reply soon! #
  • This cough sure is a great stomach workout. #
  • @adamnash Is this backwards day? #
  • I walked outside into the sunlight just now and realized that I hadn't seen it since Monday morning! #
  • GoDaddy supports SOPA?? Glad I migrated to #Hover after their CEO shot that elephant. 10% off referral link for hover: #
  • Siri cannot understand me when I have a sore throat. #
  • @shashachu Hmmm. Microdrives are old and are prone to failure. Never used a service, unfortunately, but have transplanted controller boards. #
  • The Grinch is in Union Square, and some kid asked him, "Why didn't you steal Hanukkah?" #
  • The light in San Francisco is great right now @ Yerba Buena Gardens #
  • GoDaddy has lost over 72,000 domains this week due to its SOPA support. Awesome! #
  • Christmas eve afternoon stroll in SF #
  • @cohen #Go Daddy claimed to revert their stance on SOPA but refused to remove support from congressional records. #
  • My cough is now blasting out at a frequency that is making something (glass) near my computer desk resonate beautifully. #
  • How do I auto-block (in every sense of the word) everyone @fart has retweeted in the last 15 hours? cc @theremina #
  • @thondeboer The honor is ours! :) cc @lytro #