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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2012-01-23

Tweets posted by @echeng during the week of 2012-01-23.

  • @nobledesign Hi, Shelley. It was nice to meet you today! #
  • @robinr Hi, Robin. It was very nice to meet you at #CES #LGS #
  • Video of @Lytro winning CES 2012's Last Gadget Standing: #
  • I love SFO International. 5 mins after arriving, I am checked in. #
  • Survival tools for the coming week (desperate!) @ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) #
  • Highly entertained by the older Asian TSA agent who is greeting everyone: "How YOU doin'?" #
  • @adamnash what a coincidence? :) #
  • I've just removed Yahoo IM and MSN from Adium. Never use them. Still on AIM for iChat / screen sharing, though... #
  • RT @atomicphoto: Terrifying! Photographer swims alongside 23-foot anaconda #
  • Wetpixel is on strike today in support of anti-SOPA efforts. Back online at 8pm PST. #
  • Image Wizards aluminum prints: 40% off New Year special with code NYBOGO40 #
  • Finished "Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea." It is both fascinating and sad. Highly recommended. #
  • "Everything you think you know about this camera, you don't." Scott Bourne talks about @Lytro in Photofocus podcast #
  • RT @inafried: Updated -- Not a Kodak Moment: Legendary Camera Maker Files for Bankruptcy Protection #
  • I've been trying to get a cab in Singapore for 40 minutes. #fail #
  • @sllife We've called a few different cab companies. Waited on hold forever, or told that there are no cabs. #
  • Classy rope handle for my video rig @ ScubaCam #
  • RT @TechCrunch: SOPA Protests Sway Congress: 31 Opponents Yesterday, 122 Now by @joshconstine #
  • Special thanks to David, Sanah, and everyone else at Scubacam in Singapore. Helpful, knowledgeable & super nice! #
  • Gates Deep (RED) Epic in the house! @ ScubaCam #
  • Big and small: Gates Deep Red Epic housing, and Lytro cameras @ ScubaCam #
  • Big and small: Gates Deep Red Epic and Lytro cameras @ ScubaCam #
  • Thanks, Singapore friends, for making my (short) stay here fun, despite my nasty cough! Headed out to PNG shortly... #