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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2012-02-13

Tweets posted by @echeng during the week of 2012-02-13.

  • @schneidermike it was great to get to present to you guys this morning! Also, ask and you shall receive: :) #
  • @lytro is at the MIT Tech Fair today. Come see us at booth 14! #
  • Typical MIT walking payload? (at MIT Zeiger Center) [pic] — #
  • Four @lytro photo walks today in Cambridge and Boston. Exhausted! #
  • A lovely evening of invigorating string quartet reading. I miss music! (thanks for the loan of th... (w/ Isaac) [pic] — #
  • Non-smoking = no one is smoking in your room at the moment (just like our rental car) (at @BostonParkPlaza) — #
  • @kendwu I just chose something from Instagram--guess I chose poorly. #
  • Watched TV for 15 minutes this morning and remember why I don't have a signal at home. #
  • I'm starting to associate non-dive work travel with starvation. #
  • I heard a Boston person say "park." My Boston visit is complete. #
  • This "Read Later" settings page from Tweetbot is awesome (for the services it supports) #
  • @alefnull I had to look awhile to find it--it was in South Boston. Where I paahked my caah, the caahd didn't work.(but idears were valid) :) #
  • I am fundamentally incompatible with people capable of having full-volume phone calls on planes. (at Logan International Airport) #
  • Early February cherry blossoms in San Francisco. Mother nature is confused! #
  • @johnolilly highly recommend not having cable or dish. Quality of life goes up! #
  • @Sharksavers in other news, it was reported that some fish eat other fish. ;) #
  • Don't let me near your playdoh dogs. :) (at @outcastagency) [pic] — #
  • @tonywu: Mirrorless surpasses DSLR market share. M43 surpasses Nikon and Canon in Japan #
  • Sure enough, 3 out of 4 family members greeted me by commenting about my weight. #
  • Excited to hear Golijov's new quartet commissio... (w/ Chris, Lesley, & 3 others at Conrad Prebys Music Center) [pic] — #
  • @tconrad it sounds like we should meet up sometime. :) cc @johnolilly #
  • @gilesshaxted @readitlater is the best! #
  • Just watched an 80-year-old woman come out of the Apple Store with a MacBook Pro. People congratulated her! :) #
  • I just converted my mom to Apple. Only one machine left before total Windows eradication from the Cheng household! #
  • Wendy's new book! (with proud father in background) (with Edward and Wendy) [pic] — #
  • @alizardx what device do you use to engage Twitter? @Theremina #
  • SNL's version of the Verizon pitch. Awesome. #
  • @alizardx And where are the components made? #
  • @alizardx that is difficult for me to believe, but I don't have full info. #
  • @alizardx where can i find more information about which companies are responsible about manufacturing? #
  • @johnolilly I use Mac Mini with XBMC, AppleTV, and cheap Blu-Ray player (for Amazon Prime Video). #
  • “@tonywu: Underwater trash photos look like scenes from an alien world” strangely beautiful! #