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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2012-02-20

Tweets posted by @echeng during the week of 2012-02-20.

  • “@chrismichel: An absolutely incredible aerial photo of SF in 1906.
  • It is great to see Adobe finally giving photographers a reason to use DNG. #
  • Lost: tan Arcteryx shell on #caltrain #324 (9am, Mon 2/13 in Mountain View). Reward for return! #
  • @blam But when small sensors get better, big ones do, as well. Glass selection is definitely an issue... #
  • @drewvigal I saw some nice kit photo rigs at Maker Faire last year. I want quadcopter, though. ;) #
  • Me, to Pam: "Hey, we should sign up for Hulu Plus! It's really easy… (site hangs). Uh... forget it." #
  • FCP X just became useful to me again: media re-link, multicam in 10.0.3. Editors discuss features: #
  • Congrats, Dave! “@Merrill: Sifteo named a Fast Company top 10 consumer electronics company of the year...
  • @blam my cough lasted 9 weeks. I blame Jason Wilson (the vector), smokers, constant interviews and talks, and excessive air travel! :) #
  • New Photoshop Content Aware fill, move, and extend demo—very cool. #
  • Oh yeah, it's Valentine's Day. I'm so lucky to be married to someone who barely remembers this, too. #
  • @tjhanley #
  • Urban version of fairy tale ending [pic] — #
  • SF Pontiac [pic] — #
  • "Love Kills Slowly"--for kids! [pic] — #
  • Having 1.5 jobs is kicking my butt. #
  • Good night! [pic] — #
  • Drink bottled water/drinks and don't live in an underdeveloped country? #
  • Arrived just in time for a crisp winter sunset #
  • Fantastic meal at Breslin! (with Kira at @thebreslin) [pic] — #
  • #virginamerica reservation system migration seems to be causing problems. Can't change seats or check in to flight. #
  • I'd like to take a moment to express my appreciation for @OutcastAgency. You guys rock! #
  • @adamnash you celebrate the strangest things. :) @johnolilly #
  • @tjhanley wat do u meen i like twitter #
  • Beg to differ (with Geoff at @sfgoodwill) [pic] — #
  • Stephen Prutsman and the New Galileo Quartet playing at a ... (w/ Livia, Stephen, & 5 others at Randall Museum) [pic] — #
  • Cherry blossoms from earlier today (it was a beautiful one in SF! [pic] — #
  • Trying to reduce the number of apps I use. Trying Selective Tweets app on Facebook instead of Hootsuite for mult-account posting. #fb #