Off to Alaska

I'm heading to Fairbanks, Alaska tomorrow with [Julian Cohen]( to photograph the northern lights (I've only [seen it once before](/journal/2006/11/22/my-first-aurora-borealis/)). Land trips are so easy—there is so little gear to bring. I'm going to try to focus while I'm there, and am only bringing a few wide-angle lenses for my Canon SLRs. I will, however, bring a big zoom for the Sony NEX-5N. The goal is to shoot timelapse/stills with the Canon and stills with the Sony NEX-5N (no intervalometer for the Sony). Camera equipment I'm bringing:

- Canon 5D Mark II body - Canon 7D body - Canon 16-35/2.8L lens - Canon 14/2.8L II lens - Sigma 20/1.8 lens - Canon 580EX Speedlight - Canon remote - Sony NEX-5N body - Sony 16mm pancake lens - Sony 0.75x WA adapter - Sony 18-200 lens - Lytro cameras (2) - Tripods with RRS heads (2)

Other stuff:

- Cold weather gear - extra batteries - headlamps w/red filter - flashlights - hand warmers

I think that should do it. Is there anything I'm missing, cold weather gurus? ;)