Photographer and northern lights, Fairbanks, Alaska

Photographer [Julian Cohen]( braves the cold Alaskan night to photograph the northern lights.
Here's [his shot of me](
It's 4:20am, and we've just returned from a full night shooting stars and the northern lights in Fairbanks, Alaska. The sky was *incredibly* clear tonight, and although we only saw obviously-visible *aurora borealis* for 15 minutes or so, it was an extremely productive night, photographically. I shot some timelapse sequences that I'm excited to process, and had to made some tough decisions (e.g., take timelapse of the aurora, or relocate camera to a place with good foreground subject?).

It's way too late for me to process all of the pictures, now, but I suspect a good chunk of tomorrow afternoon will be spent on the computer. ;)