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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2012-04-30

Tweets posted by @echeng during the week of 2012-04-30.

  • Useful: "10 Time-Saving Enhancements to Layers Panel in Photoshop CS6" by Julieanne Kost! #
  • @adamnash @johnolilly Wool books 1-5: $5.99 for Kindle—nice! I would read it for free via Prime, but I almost always read via Kindle apps. #
  • We are getting big! @lytro @ Lytro #
  • Little Printer in @Lytro light field! cc @genmon @BERGLondon #littleprinter #
  • This garden in Milan featured some of the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen #
  • I have never seen such a beautiful cloudy sky in San Francisco. If you're here, go outside and look west!#fb. #
  • Violinist Chee-Yun on my roof in SF: #
  • Artists @kozyndan in @Lytro light field: #
  • @DamonWebster Hey, Damon. It was good to see you in LA. Here's you, in @Lytro light field: #
  • Sorcery!! #
  • @pyknosis That is so awesome. #
  • @nobledesign Shelley, I think you are right! I took some shots of miniatures last week in Milan—worked well. :) #
  • A 3TB Western Digital drive failed in my ReadyNAS. Luckily, it is RAIDed; I didn't lose any data. Back up, friends—all drives fail. #fb #
  • This @Lytro picture of Alice Jacini's eye is my favorite eye portrait, so far #
  • How to take a @Lytro picture of a dude holding a CD #
  • Tree kangaroo claws, Papua New Guinea. #
  • Co-worker pegged me for "26 or 27" years old today. Wonder when I'll look 30. #fb #
  • Had an infusion of life while listening to Livia Sohn play Tchaikovsky violin conc @ Dinkelspiel Auditorium #
  • Cine: Hard at work at @Lytro #cinemagraph #gif #
  • @JeremiahLee Agreed! #
  • @johnolilly episodes 1-3 do not exist for me! #
  • @johnolilly Pam just asked, "what's episode 2? The ewoks?" #
  • The best veggie spring rolls ever! (at Yummy Yummy) [pic] — #
  • Wow. Apple TV 2nd gen units are going for more than 3rd gen units on eBay. Must be jailbreak status. #fb #
  • @imranm I suppose that most downloaded content is still 720p. If you're downloading and dumping to drive and using XBMC, AppleTV2 is best. #
  • Stayed up making my Stanford Reunion class book page. Loved the class book from the 10 year reunion! #fb #
  • Giving Google Drive a try… #fb #
  • Lytro t-shirts look better on the other sex #
  • Stupidest comment I've gotten all year (scroll to the bottom). #
  • Wow. It is so easy to get derailed in eBay and lose the listing you are composing. Go back? Lose your draft. cc @adamnash #
  • Queued up 17 auctions on eBay this afternoon. Extremely gratifying, for some reason! #fb #
  • FS: Seac Sub Icaro BCD #
  • For sale: Sony NEX-5N camera, Fuji X100 camera, Sony HDR-CX550V camcorder, and a few other things. #
  • Headed to the SF Symphony with my peers @ Herbst Theatre #
  • San Francisco City Hall at dusk @ Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall #
  • The SF crowd went nuts for Beethoven 7 by Joshua Bell and the Academy of St Martin in the Fields. It was great! #fb #