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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2012-05-28

Tweets posted by @echeng during the week of 2012-05-28.

  • @lewiscollard There was no quiet downgrading; we never had a 32GB version. #
  • @lewiscollard There was never a 32GB version announced, but some sites got it wrong, possibly using your site as the source. #
  • @lewiscollard I just went to your website, which led to me blocking you. Good bye! Hope you grow up one day. #
  • @Loh I had to use Google to see what a parsnip looks like. #
  • It's AMAZING that one can watch a spacecraft launch & enter orbit in real time. Dragon deployed solar arrays, all on live video! @SpaceX #fb #
  • I made my first polar coordinate projection! #
  • The "don't give a shit" saunter across an opening garage door will get you (and your little dog) killed. #fb #
  • How an accelerometer is made. Fascinating! #
  • Forklift, an FTP app for Mac OS X is $0.99 today ($29.00 off). #fb #
  • T(ether) – a Spatially- and Body-Aware Window for Collaborative Editing and Animation of 3D Virtual Objects #
  • @BrianMatiash Brian, it was our pleasure! cc @Lytro #
  • @DamonWebster damon, I can't DM you until you follow me. #
  • @joshuatopolsky looking forward to seeing you on Late Night! #
  • @JoannaStern do you find Bump photo transfer slow via the web? Photosync broke at work because we don’t support Bonjour, so want new method. #
  • @photosync_app @joannastern I like that @PhotoSync sends the entire image. I need the full picture! #
  • Opportunistic lunchtime portrait of @Lytro @ Shabuway #
  • Holy shit—Shostakovich 5 by SF Symphony! #fb #
  • Tomorrow, I will mix a GoPro, helmet, and baby. #fb #
  • .@joshuatopolsky was on @latenightjimmy tonight showing off a @Lytro camera (among other gadgets). I'm excited to see the show! #
  • @shashachu Tonight! It was really great. Love how Shostakovich and Mahler do slow minors. #
  • .@Lytro on Jimmy Fallon with @joshuatopolsky! #
  • Suddenly, we have great iOS photo apps for both Facebook and Google+. It’s great to be a photography enthusiast these days! #fb #
  • I lose confidence in organizations when they ask for images using "dpi" for online display. #fb #
  • Watching SFPD hang out in a cloud of second-hand pot smoke. Funny! @sfcarnaval #
  • @OSTRICK That's great to hear, Marc! Look forward to seeing more of your photography. #
  • I keep getting asked about the pole I use underwater with the GoPro HERO. Here it is: #