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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2012-06-04

Tweets posted by @echeng during the week of 2012-06-04.

  • For new site, Wordpress on own server or Tumblr. Thoughts? (also, I have 13 yrs of historical web journal entries to import) #
  • Cine: Dancing Panda #cinemagraph #gif #
  • Cine: Happy dance #cinemagraph #gif #
  • Cine: Bread making #cinemagraph #gif #
  • There is a real-life Shit Girls Say behind me right now. #fb #
  • Did a 5.8-mile urban hike with Pam today. Who needs trails? :) #fb #
  • Howard Hall, interviewed about filming in South Australia #
  • @alexkingorg I haven't tried it, yet. My current site is a franken-collection of custom code and wordpress hacked in. Need to redesign all. #
  • @blam Help me find a desktop conversion to standing—one that sits on top of an existing desk. It needs to support 50 lbs of computer gear. #
  • @balmer Can you try taking a picture at full wide in which your foreground subject is literally 5" from the front of the camera? cc @Lytro #
  • @balmer Also, my captions make it up to the website. We've never had anyone report that captions aren't making it to the site (?) #
  • @blam at work, I need something that can hold a 27” display—around 25 lbs. Bonus for 2nd display space. Might have to DIY it. #
  • @blam at home, I’ll eventually replace my desk altogether. I’ve got dual 30” monitors, so need full standing desk. #
  • A heartfelt, inspirational piece about photography by Allen Murabayashi. "Rant: I Love Photography" #longreads #fb #
  • @blam shark bait #
  • Adobe Lightroom 4.1 is out. I refuse to call it "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom". #fb #
  • @blam Ergo says Kangaroo Elite cannot hold 2 heavy monitors. Have written back to see if they can support 1 (e.g., 23.5 lb Apple 27") #
  • @blam You are absolutely right on. :) But for work, we have fixed desks already. A shame. #
  • @blam If it can hold 23.5 lbs, which is not certain, yet. I have an open request with Ergo. #
  • I haven’t left the house in 40 hours. Must leave. #fb #nowindows #
  • RT @protectcoralsea: ... evidence that no-take marine reserves help sustain ... fisheries: #fb #
  • Snapseed, great photo editor for iOS, is free today (normally $5) #fb #
  • My good friend @andybiggs is interviewed in the NWPPhotoForum this month (well, sort of). :) #
  • Here's a video of an iceberg arch collapse I captured a couple years ago in Antarctica. #
  • Neighborhood Watch (24 hrs on 6th St in SF--1 big block from where I live) #longreads #
  • I had to use Powerpoint on Windows for 5 minutes. Terrible! #fb #
  • @tanster nice shot! It definitely takes practice to internalize. #
  • For sale: Canon 50D body and a bunch of Canon lenses (400mm, 24-105mm, 10-22, 24, 17-50, lensbaby) #
  • Here's what 25 years of being in the sun will do to your skin. #
  • Happy Sunday! #