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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2012-07-02

Tweets posted by @echeng during the week of 2012-07-02.

  • @bhautikj Would have been fun to meet up and shoot today! I was only able to stay for an hour or so. #
  • Great shots from #sfpride by @bhautikj: #fb #
  • Raw @bubblepix shot with @svarrall @ Samovar Tea Lounge #
  • New definitive fish species reference books for the Coral Triangle; interview with Drs. Mark Erdmann and Gerry Allen #
  • Free noon concert: SLSQ plus Pedja Muzijevic at Dink, Stanford! (now) #fb #
  • @blam say it ain’t so #
  • Rehearsals, 2 coachings, 3.5 hrs of reading chamber music—great day! #fb #
  • Warning: don't put SD card in Canon 5D3 if you want fast performance #
  • Took the night off from reading (chamber) music. Too tired! Getting old! :) #fb #
  • This Embarrasses You and I* (via @Pocket) #
  • @tjhanley Congrats! Great camera. :) #
  • Lytro accessories now available: fast charger, lens cap, tripod mount. #fb #
  • Jonathan Berger is giving a talk on the neuroscience of music at @ccrma, @StLawrence4tet summer chamber music seminar #fb #
  • Jonathan Berger at @ccrma cc @StLawrence4tet #
  • @joeydanna It is a collar; when you screw the tripod screw into it, it tightens around the camera. #
  • Congrats to my sister, Wendy! Her new book, "A People's Guide to Los Angeles," was just reviewed in the LA Times blog. #
  • FS: 2 tickets to the SF Symphony this Friday, June 29. Beethoven Symphony No. 9! Premier 1st Tier. $71.00 face, $50 ea. #
  • @blam you are too kind #
  • First 2 things I did today: dress a 7-mo old and help a kid find a Lego piece. #
  • @johnolilly I am ready #
  • I'm going to block anyone who has an obnoxiously-animated profile picture. #
  • I'm going to block anyone who has an obnoxiously-animated Twitter profile picture. #
  • @blam this morning: kale, celery, cucumber, ginger, beet, orange. You have created a monster! :) #
  • @wirecutter @blam DIY standing desk mod for $22—looks pretty good! #
  • Crammed an underwater photography talk, a Lytro mini-talk, and a @StLawrence4tet GoPro-on-head performance into 1.5 hrs. Fun! #fb #
  • Color balancing the GoPro Hero to match the Hero 2 is nontrivial. (Hero 2 white balance in incandescence looks so much better!) #
  • Parts of Stanford campus are nearly unrecognizable--so many new buildings @ Stanford Law School #
  • Wow. The lobby of ?? on Stanford campus smells absolutely terrible. Im told it is known for its smell. Don’t come here unless you must. #
  • Just read chamber music for 4.5 hours. SLSQ chamber music seminar is awesome! #fb #
  • Coming soon! (in a couple hours) @ Stanford University Department of Music Braun Music Center #
  • Epic 3.5 hr recital is about to begin! @ Campbell Recital Hall #
  • A madrigal for you (sung by string and piano players). Recital is on! #fb #