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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2012-07-30

Tweets posted by @echeng during the week of 2012-07-30.

  • Canon announces the EOS-M, their first mirrorless camera (APS-C sensor) #
  • I checked in at Larry's Auto Works (2526 Leghorn St) on #Yelp #
  • Afraid to upgrade to Mac OS X Mountain Lion because of Sonnet Tempo E4P and Gigabit Server PCIe cards in Mac Pro. #
  • @MikeSternoff Really? There is a downgrade option? That seems like it might cause problems. Haven't read about that anywhere. #
  • @MikeSternoff Yeah. That's just the old installer. I hope Sonnet issues a note about compatibility soon! #
  • @blam Welcome back! Hope to see you before you leave again... #
  • I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave #longreads #
  • Hrm. The new in Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is *really* slow. #
  • Super impressed with @ ATTOTechnology. Called support; they answered the phone / emailed me updated installer for XTend SAN in 30 seconds. #
  • @davidsanger unfortunately, I have the Presto Gigabit Server PCIe from early 2011, which they say is "unsupported." Working with support. #
  • in Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is much slower, and has weird mouse issues. Early adopters suffer. #
  • Great interview with @manukumar of @k9ventures! #
  • Wow. This horrible performance in Mac OS 10.8 might just be the thing to drive me to use the Gmail web interface. #
  • @davidsanger I only bought the card 15 months ago. It was discontinued in favor of a new model 11 months ago. So it goes, in tech… ;) #
  • @eddie_w Local archive in case of gmail data loss? Offline searching of archives. Drag and drop photo layout. #
  • @sfrancisatx @johnolilly my Mail folder is 28GB. ;) #
  • Holy mother of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion reviews! The Ars Technica review #fb #
  • Read this review of the Sony RX100 and tell me you don't want one. #
  • @daxon No passport? Pam (my wife) got on a flight last week with a work ID and a credit card, after losing her drivers license. #
  • Wtf is going on in SOMA? Hovering helicopters. Obama was here not long ago, but I think he is gone. #
  • Anyone know what this is? :) @ Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill #
  • @jgeorge yep! :) #
  • I'm judging the ViewBug photo contest, which is themed, "Depth." Winner gets a Lytro camera! Submit before Nov 6, 2012. #
  • I'm starting to be able to recognize people by close-ups of their eyes. #
  • Drag an image to a multi-monitor desktop in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and it goes… somewhere random! How convenient! #
  • @adamnash I love that a memory upgrade for a Mac is an "achievement." ;) #
  • I must be an idiot. How do I one-tap archive gmail from the Nexus 7? I see delete, but no archive. #
  • @gilesshaxted thank you. I mean on the index screen… #