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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2012-08-06

Tweets posted by @echeng during the week of 2012-08-06.

  • Have a great trip! Wish I were going, this year. RT @blam: heading to Isla mujeres with @wetpixel tomorrow to see some whale sharks #
  • @blam Your mind will be blown out there. #
  • I'm using a CD!! #
  • @blam Heh. Well, both have their place in the world. Did you not bring GoPro? cc @wetpixel @instagram #
  • Email of the day: "What sort of a trip did you send us on ??? only 300 / 400 whale sharks on the first day." cc @wetpixel @blam #
  • .@synology's NAS boxes are ridiculously good. I've been in the dark this whole time. #
  • Just gave a talk on underwater photography at Google. Fun! @ Googleplex - 43 #
  • Apple added Hulu Plus to Apple TV. No more using the crap interface on our Blu-ray player! #
  • Great tip for OS X Mountain Lion! Bring Back Save As To Mountain Lion #fb #
  • @sIick Thank you! It was an incredible experience. #
  • @MjmorenoM That's the one where CNN misspelled my name, right? :) #
  • I'm in a Chopin nocturne mood. #
  • I'm rendering a movie from 100 megapixel source frames. This will be interesting. Without a Mac Pro, I would be toast. :) #
  • @zCaron You gotta get rid of that animated avatar! #
  • OK, Mac experts. How do I disable CMD-M minize? It's very annoying—too easy to hit on accident, and requires mouse to get window back. #
  • @blam OK, @bla. Now, I' sure I'll be ore productive. #
  • @blam Rogelio y Juan! Please say hi to everyone for me. #
  • @zCaron I do love cats, but your avatar draws my eyes to it constantly in TweetDeck. My only solution may be to block! #
  • Beware before upgrade: @GoPro's Cineform Studio's CodecStatus utility doesn't seem to work in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion #
  • @zCaron Maybe it's just me… #
  • @DiverSuz I have a second machine. I can use that... #
  • .@GoPro I restarted my machine, and the CodecStatus appeared. Seems to work! #
  • Just posted a photo #
  • One of @alexkingorg's friends verified huge performance problems on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. It's not just me! #
  • @CineForm @GoPro Thank you. It has appeared, but the application continues to be very crashy. I'm trying hard to use it. #
  • Great. Final Cut Pro X screws up colors and destroys anaglyph 3D from GoPro Cineform codec. #
  • I seem to have used up 200GB tonight. Damn. #fb #
  • I am being driven crazy by codec gamma shifts in exported anaglyph 3D video. #fb #
  • What it’s like to freedive under a whale shark. #
  • It’s sad that gamma and color shift in video export can cause so much grief. #
  • A warning for those of us trying to use “Save As…” in OSX Mountain Lion (via @jauderho) #
  • Presenting at Monterey Shootout film festival tonight! Should be fun. #fb #
  • @sterlingz we toast you! #