Help me and Lytro get to SXSW

Hello, everyone. Lytro's SXSW 2012 panel pages are online for public voting. Please help us get our panels selected for next year's conference! To vote, [login to (or create) your SXSW account]( (free—easy to register), and then click on the thumbs up button at each of the following panel pages: - [Building Active Photography Communities]( (Eric Cheng) - [Mapping Out the Future of Photography]( (Ren Ng) - [Beyond the Buzz: Maintaining Momentum Post-Launch]( (Kira Wampler) - [Turning PhD Concepts into Cocktail Conversations]( (Kira Wampler) - [The Creative Class in High Tech]( (Victoria Hoyle) - [The Customer Is (Mostly) Never Wrong]( (Chris Macomber) - [Legal Dos and Don'ts From a Startup Veteran]( (Mariana Antcheva) - [Giving Your Product a Passport]( (Kristen Berman) - [Form v. Function: Rethinking Conventional Product]( (Dave Evans)

Thank you!