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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2012-08-13

Tweets posted by @echeng during the week of 2012-08-13.

  • Planning for a welding project at Carmel Mission, no doubt @ Carmel Mission Basilica #
  • Photo project in Monterey @ Monterey, CA #
  • Another day, another name/credit misspelling. #fb #
  • I’m in so much sleep debt that seven hours of sleep only felt like a nap. #fb #
  • Oak undercanopy @ California State University, Monterey Bay #
  • Of course the wind picks up as soon as we start shooting timelapse. #fb #
  • Creepy of the day #
  • Don't try this at home #
  • Absinthe vapor preparation! #
  • Canon 1DX! #
  • Vizify. Cool bio visualization. (thanks @cmacom, for invite) #
  • @ZozCuccias If I wanted to go to @Lytro prom with a camera geek, I'd totally have my pick. #
  • Hanging out with @alissaeverett and hearing phrases like “ambushed by rebels” and “safe house.” She is still doing fascinating work! #
  • Winchester Mystery Man @ CBS Interactive #
  • Fun, impromptu hang out with @briantong at CNET HQ. He has an original Captain EO poster on his wall. #
  • @adamnash please also ask why there is multi-second latency in Mountain Lion. #
  • Thanks to the heroic efforts of Sonnet Tech support, my discontinued Presto Gigabit PCIe Server card now works in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. #
  • I cannot stress enough how much better @Synology NAS boxes are than Netgear ReadyNAS boxes. I wish I had switched a long time ago. #
  • @Merrill Everything on the Synology is basically instant. I have the DS1812+. #
  • @adamnash I know, Adam! But you were also a Drobo user, so I didn't trust you. :) #
  • @mdgmnas I have ReadyNAS Pro Business Editions (2 of them). #
  • Wow. If you like dolphins, click through NOW and skip to 1:50. #
  • Encountered "error 10" when trying to back up an old iMac to @Synology using Tome Machine. Solution: #
  • Encountered "error 10" when trying to back up an old iMac to @Synology using Time Machine. Solution: #
  • @frederickvan your show is making me want to buy more photo stuff. Evil! :) #
  • @sterlingz I went through that traffic earlier today. #
  • @AbiSMullens yay! #
  • @gilesshaxted Yeah, the Facebook iOS app is terrible. I'm sure they'll fix it, soon. #
  • I love your service! RT @Referly: WOW. Have you SEEN @echeng's Referly profile? Blown away... #
  • @Referly I recommend products to friends daily—so easy. Have only had a couple referrals that seem not to have gone through (in credit). #
  • SFMOMA @ San Francisco Museum of Modern Art #
  • Facebook break @ Yerba Buena Gardens #
  • @cocorocha it’s amazing how hard broadcast TV is trying to push itself into irrelevancy. #