ElevationDock modified for iPhone5

My ElevationDock is now modified to support an iPhone 5, u sing [Mike Hellers' 3D model](http://mikehellers.com/blog/2012/09/30/3d-printing-iphone5-adapter-for-the-elevationdock/) and my own Lightning cable. I was in Carmel this morning to give a talk and stopped by afterwards to see Mike and Jody Elliot of XIT404, who were gracious enough to print me one of the adapters. The printed part required the use of a dremel to install properly, and because it isn't at an angle like the [Lightning adapter ElevationLabs will be shipping soon](http://www.elevationlab.com/products/lightning-adapter), the iPhone 5 sits a bit high and doesn't rest against the back of the dock.

The machined ElevationLabs part is $15 plus shipping and is probably better, but if you have access to a 3D printer and are OK with the drawbacks, you can do the mod yourself.

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