I sold my Pebble watch without opening it

Recently, I was at dinner with someone who had a Pebble E-Paper Watch. I love the idea of the Pebble, but during dinner, the guy kept looking at his watch. He looked at his watch almost literally every 5-10 seconds. At that point, I decided that I no longer wanted one. I am not sure that I have the discipline to totally ignore the watch when I need do (like I do with my phone), and I don't want to be the person who looks at his watch every 5-10 seconds.

Today, my gray Pebble watch arrived (I backed their Kickstarter project). I sold it without even opening the box (people are really interested—it sold in just a few minutes). I think I might have kept it if I were planning to do some development work to make it more interesting, but I know that I won't make time to do that.