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It's the new!

The new

After 13 years, I have finally migrated to a modern design. I designed and coded the old version back in 2002, when using server-side includes, home-brew templates coded in PHP, and layout done using tables were still acceptable. The CMS behind the journal portion of my site was Greymatter, which I eventually migrated over to b2/cafelog and then Wordpress, which I used for over a decade. Today, I'm not interested in maintaining a Wordpress site for personal use, so I've decided to use Squarespace, which is what you're looking at now.

I'm excited to have the old server die a sudden death. My web hosts were not great for the final few years of, but migrating to another host without a big change in design was too much of a burden to actually accomplish.

RIP, old You served me well.

I have taken a static snapshot of, which I'll use to migrate over travel journals and to edit older journal entries to make sure the content is all there. It's going to be a long process, but I finally had to prioritize getting the new site up over making sure the data migration was perfect (which would have prevented me from ever doing it).

In any case, welcome! I look forward to having a place to write again after so many years of giving content to social media sites like Facebook.

An snapshot of my original site, which went up in ~1998.