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Sharks, anacondas and orcas: Tales by Light, Season 2

Update: It's on Netflix!

Tales by Light, Seasons 1 and 2, now on Netflix


Nearly a year ago, Abraham Joffe of Untitled Film Works reached out to see if I would be interested in collaborating on an episode of Tales by Light, a relatively new TV series about photography. I watched some of the work in progress clips from other episodes of the show and was amazed by what such a small, tight team was able to do. I eagerly signed on. In January, we went on the first of three expeditions for the show, followed by additional trips in April and August. Today, I'm excited to share that episode 2 of Tales by Light, Season 2, airs on National Geographic Channel in Australia on Tuesday, November 1, at 7:30pm AEDT!

A show that is in large part about sharks is particularly timely because there has been so much discussion about sharks in Australia over the past few months. The debate about netting and culling needs to be balanced with a different view of sharks from folks like Jim Abernethy, who spends most of his life in the water interacting with them.

Tales by Light Season 2 is comprised of 3 episodes, each one focusing on a specific photographer or photography team and the messages we have to share with the world: big cat experts Jonathan & Angela Scott, war photographer Stephen Dupont, and me (with Jim Abernethy as special guest).

The amazing crew at Untitled Film Works have really outdone themselves, and were fantastic to work with (Abraham Joffe, Dom West, Blake Castle, LJ Bradley, Louis Cooper Robinson, Toby de Jong, Ed Farrelly, Hamish Macdonald, and others) ; I suspect the success with these two seasons will propel them onward to some incredible future projects. And, of course, none of this would have been possible without the main sponsors, Canon Australia and National Geographic, as well as local experts in Norway (Rafael Huijnink, Tiu Simila, Henrik Jørgensen), Bahamas (Jim Abernethy, Gerard Fryxell, Mike Brady, Carolyn Wheeler) and Brazil (Daniel De Granville, Juca Ygarape), On my side, I am also indebted to Reef Photo & Video / Nauticam USA for housing rentals, for help with general camera gear, and Aqua Lung drysuits. Thank you so much for your support!