Get Fuzzy! Craig Blower's inspirational writing while battling lung cancer.

During the time my dad battled stage IV lung cancer, Craig Blower, a friend of a friend, was also going through the fight. It helped me to see how Craig dealt with his struggle (he and my father had very different methods of doing it), and Craig documented the whole thing on his blog, "Get Fuzzy!" As part of the journey, Craig became a sort of spokesperson and role model for others, not only for folks fighting cancer, but also for their families. My mom recognized Craig at Moore's Cancer Center once, and introduced herself; she had been following Craig as well, and I know his writing helped her.

Yesterday, Craig passed away, only a day after his daughter posted an entry titled, "No Pity Parties." His multi-year battle was filled with positivity and humor, and it was helpful and positive to get to participate in his journey while we were going through it ourselves. If you or a loved one are fighting cancer, Craig's chronicle of his battle is worth reading.