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Flight monitoring

I’ve been enjoying paternity leave because I have time to do a lot of the projects I’ve always wanted to to.

Pam loves big jets, and I finally found a way to reward that fascination. Now, she can identify every plane we see out the window from our place in the San Mateo highlands (on approach or taking off from SFO).

Tablet is a 24" Nabi Big Tab, and the app is Flightradar24, which can be fully unlocked for about $10.

I also set up a way to receive ADSB so we can track planes from actual signals (using a USB software radio kit), but the good apps are all Windows based. The available Android apps are good for actually flying, but not as good for a live display. Also, the Nabi tablet doesn’t’ seem to support USB OTG, and doesn’t even allow me to install the apps that can talk to the radio. I have it working on a Nexus 7, but the tiny screen isn’t the best for exploration. So this is the best way to go, I think.