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Thoughtful friends

My friends are more thoughtful than I will ever be. We have received so many sweet presents from around the world, and are incredibly grateful for the thoughts. I have been trying to send photos of Mako with gifts to each person has sent one, but I know I have missed a few. In 2 cases, the gifts arrived with no card. In 1 case, I couldn’t read the card to see who had sent it. In other cases, I just ran out of time, and the tasks scrolled off the end of my TO DO list, never to be see again (I can’t keep track of it all).

Today, a package arrived from Switzerland from Housi, one of the dive guides onboard the Pindito the first time I dove Raja Ampat, Indonesia, in December of 2004. Housi spent much of last year in an induced coma as his friends tried to get him repatriated to Switzerland after he fell ill in Bali; it is amazing to have seen him bounce back to full health after such an ordeal. It’s even more amazing that he went out of his way to send us this large box of Swiss chocolates. Thank you, Housi! Mako is too young to eat chocolate, but Pam and I will be sure to enjoy all of it.