Nash Parties

Me, Michael Schroepfer, John Lilly, Adam Nash
There is a very specific group of Stanford computer science grads who aggregate at Adam / Carolyn Nash events. All of them are off doing incredible things here in The Valley—it always boggles my mind to see everyone in one place.

I'd love to post more pictures here, but it was a baby birthday party, and about 75 of my 78 picture selects have pictures of people's kids. Look on Facebook for more party photos. ;)

Chez Panisse, celebration

Geoff and Livia at Chez Panisse
[Geoff]( and [Livia]( took us out to Chez Panisse tonight to celebrate the events of the last week. We went to the restaurant downstairs, which was wonderful, as expected. Highly recommended!

Incredible dessert at Chez Panisse: Cognac and bittersweet chocolate ice cream meringue tartlet

Jack's happy brush is sad!

Holiday card from Catherine and Jaxie

Every year, I get a lovely holiday card from Catherine and Jaxie Gowen, who live in Geneva, Switzerland. Catherine spices up a group photo we take each year with glitter and stickers; this year, it was based on a photo of us after dinner at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

Thank you for the wonderful card!

Peter's empty lot barbecue

I processed one of the [Fuji FinePix Real 3D W3](/journal/2010/09/08/fuji-finepix-real-3d-w3-mpo-and-3d-avi-files-on-mac-os-x/) images today using [StereoPhoto Maker]( (running in Parallels).

*3D image of Peter with flames at his ground-breaking celebration (anaglyph red/cyan glasses required). You can also check out the [universal L-R-L version](/journal/images/misc/echeng101002_0265935_lrl.jpg), which looks much better (if you know how to view them)*

The Fuji gives a good 3D effect that looks great on its rear lenticular 3D LCD, but when viewed at a normal size, image quality is horrible. This image above was taken at ISO 200, and is still really crunchy (and has low dynamic range). All I can guess is that it was too expensive to put two high quality cameras lenses, sensors, and processors into one camera body.

Still, it's fun.

Stanford CS198 Section Leading Reunion 2010

[Karel the Robot]( keychain gift at CS198 reunion
On August 13, 2010, Professor Eric Roberts and Mehran Sahami, Associate Chair of the Department of Computer Science, sent the Stanford [CS198]( alumn list an email inviting them to a reunion of undergratuate section leaders, TAs and program coordinators -- the first such reunion in 40 years of teaching introductory CS106 classes.

> *From: Eric Roberts, Mehran Sahami Date: August 13, 2010 2:11:46 AM PDT To: cs198-alums Subject: CS198 reunion, September 23, 5:00-7:00pm*

> *Hello CS 198-ers!*

> *For the last 40 years, the CS106 classes have introduced many generations of Stanford students to the wonders of computer science. For more than two decades, the CS198 program has been a critical part of that introduction, as undergraduate section leaders guide each new generation through both the challenges and joys of programming. By being part of that program, you have helped thousands of students master those mysteries and, in a very real way, enable Silicon Valley to create all of what modern technology has made possible.*

> *On Thursday, September 23 from 5:00-7:00pm, we will host a reunion of CS198 section leaders, TAs, and program coordinators throughout the history of the program. This event will give everyone an opportunity to catch up on what we've all been doing and, in particular, for you to see what's up with Stanford's Computer Science program these days. We've got an exciting new curriculum that is generating a lot of excitement, both at Stanford and elsewhere. And the CS106 students continue to amaze us with their enthusiasm, creativity, and talent. The contest entries and special projects just get better and better.*

> *Please join us for a reception on the lawn of the Gates Building on the Stanford campus. If you can come -- and we hope you can -- please RSVP by September 16 to Nikkie Salgado*

> *so that we can know how many of you are coming. And please spread the word so we will have a good showing of people who don't often get back to campus!*

> *-- Eric Roberts, Professor Mehran Sahami, Associate Chair Department of Computer Science*

> *P.S. For those of you who haven't been on campus in recent years, the Engineering side of campus has changed a lot. A map of the Gates building is available [[here](,-122.173505&spn=0.005333,0.009506&z=17)]*

Much of my Stanford computer science experience was shaped by being a section leader for the CS106 classes, and virtually every friend who graduated CS at Stanford was a part of the program. I absolutely had to go (luckily, I was scheduled to be in the country).

The reunion turned out to be a pretty big deal. Section leaders flew in from various parts of the country (I hadn't seen Munira Rahemtulla, Bryan Rollins or Andy Maag in many years), and the resulting group was a [Who's Who of technology leaders]( in Silicon Valley and beyond. Even Schrep managed to make it, despite having to deal with [an outage at Facebook](

As I looked around -- amazed, really -- I wondered how many people in the group had transitioned away from software-related jobs (aside from me, that is). It looked like no one (else) had, and I sort of felt out of place.

CS198 alumns who were at Apple in 1997 (Photo: Semira Rahemtulla)

Can anyone spot the outlier in the above photo?

(above) Apple 1997 reunion: Mike Hanson (Principal Labs Engineer, Mozilla), Mike Schroepfer (VP Engineering, Facebook), Adam Nash (VP Search, Platform & Mobile Product @ LinkedIn), Scott Kleper (Co-Founder @ Context Optional), John Lilly (CEO, Mozilla; Venture Partner, Greylock Partners), Jeremy Henrickson (VP Product Development, Guidewire Software), Eric Cheng (photographer, publisher).

Getting everyone together for the above photo was inspired by the tattered existence of this old photo from [Apple's Advanced Technology Group (ATG)]( in 1997:

Apple ATG photo from 1997, including me, Klep, Lilly, Nash, and Hanson

We fondly remember being told that ATG was being axed at the end of the summer and spent much of it playing Starfox 64. At the reunion, we found out that Schrep, who was in the QuickDraw group, was told a similar thing. If only we had know during that summer -- we could have used another Starfox player.

In any case, it was really, really nice to get to see so many familiar faces after such a long time. Mehran and Eric should organize another reunion before another 40 years passes!

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Hiller Aviation Museum, San Carlos

I sometimes do this on flights
After having driven past the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos countless times over the years, I decided to take Pam there for an early celebration of her upcoming birthday. Pam has an airplane fetish and was pretty excited to go.. Even more exciting: Laurel, Antoni, Dave and Charles met us there and surprised Pam as we walked in.

Antoni has had enough of Pam

All of us had a great time checking out the historical pieces they have on display and playing in the nose section of an old British Airways 747-100. There are signs in the 747 telling parents that cockpits are not play areas for children; luckily, there were no signs targeting adults. ;)

How fast can you get kicked off of a plane?

If you're in the Bay Area, I highly recommend a visit to Hiller Aviation Museum. It's larger inside than it looks from outside, and kept us entertained for nearly 2 hours.

### All photos:

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Adam Nash on Google I/O 2010

My friend, [Adam Nash]( (VP of Search and Platform Products at LinkedIn), was part of a [one-hour panel discussion]( at Google I/O about the social web.

I haven't seen Adam in a few months, and as a result, I'm starting to get him confused with someone else I see on TV sometimes.

Come visit me, Adam! :)

Marta visits San Francisco

Marta and me
Marta is in San Francisco for her first visit! I saw her briefly last week before Maker Faire madness started, and hope to see her again next week before she leaves. I hadn't seen her since [my visit to Milan](/journal/2004/09/29/milan-with-marta-calosso/) nearly 6 years ago.

Time flies...

John and Marta in SF

Marta and John have gone native!

kozyndan, giant robots, and editorial directors

kozyndan, me, and Martin Wong (of [Giant Robot](
About a month ago, I was recognized while waiting in line at the Manado airport by a "Dan and Kozy." We introduced ourselves to each other, snapped a photo together... and continued on with our lives.

ericndan at baggage claim in Singapore (photo: kozy)

After corresponding with Dan for a bit on Facebook, I realized that it wasn't "Dan and Kozy" I met, but rather, [kozyndan](, the well-known artists responsible for (among lots of other things) [Uprisings](, a print my sister bought for me some time ago (I am a fan of Hokusai and derivatives).

*Uprisings*, originally created for the cover of Giant Robot #28

Not long after I realized that they were behind a print I really like, I discovered that they were also behind the [alien Puma campaign]( I saw the alien storefront while I was wandering around Charleston and was inspired to run across the street and snap a photo because I liked it so much.

kozyndan's [second line of Puma products]( just launched.

alien slugs are cool

So after my circuitous, serendipitous path of art education, I met up with kozyndan in Santa Monica today for Japanese curry and frozen yogurt -- this time, as fans of their work. As we sat down for yogurt, [Martin Wong of Giant Robot]( sauntered by with a few of his friends. Since kozyndan know Martin well, it was easy to get an introduction.

It's a tiny world on that little stretch of Sawtelle Blvd.

At 5pm, I headed over to [Werner Publishing]( for a drink with Chris Robinson, Editorial Director of *Outdoor Photography, Digital Photo Pro, HD Video Pro*, and others. I am lucky enough [to be featured]( in this month's issue of *Outdoor Photographer*, and [was featured last year]( in *Digital Photo Pro*, and wanted to meet the man behind the magazines.

Business is funny these days; I have never met the majority of editors I work with, which is a real shame. I had a great time chatting with Chris. He's an experienced SCUBA diver himself, and is someone I'll (hopefully!) enjoy working with for years to come.

Finally, I had dinner with [Matt Segal]( at El Cholo. Matt's always complaining about the lack of Mexican food in the places we normally meet (e.g. the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia), and I now know why he is not satisfied anywhere else. Also, it was nice to have Matt buy me a meal, now that he's out of school and working a high-tech job. :)

Meeting Dr. Eugenie Clark

Dr. Eugenie Clark and me at Beneath the Sea
Noted marine biologist Dr. Eugenie Clark asked me to come to her book signing today so we could meet. The word on the street is true: Eugenie is one of the nicest people ever! I've been sending her images for years for a paper she is working on about [*Plotosus*](, and feel like our paths should have crossed long ago.

Photographer Andy Biggs on View from the Bay

Andy Biggs in my place after his appearance on View from the Bay
Photographer Andy Biggs was on The View from the Bay (ABC7) today talking about his African safari expeditions and giving tips about photography. The 3-minute clip is online at the View's webpage (or you can see it embedded in this post (click through)).

I've been on safari with Andy in Tanzania, and it was a fantastic (and photographically productive) trip -- highly recommended.

Happy (early) birthday, Warren!

It's rare that surprise birthday parties actually work
Happy surprise birthday party, Warren! Not many people get to play with Livia and the SLSQ on their birthday -- must have been the best gift ever. ;)

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First SMS from Norb

A couple of days ago, I sent Norb an SMS, forgetting that he doesn't like mobile texting. A minute later, I received an SMS -- Norb's first ever, I'm told! I'm honored, and its contents communicated more to me than I could have imagined. FIRRPP!

Trick or treating with Jack @ Stanford

I spent Halloween down at Stanford with a *very* excited Jack, who was out trick or treating for the second time in his life. Jack was dressed as his current fetish, all 50 states of the United States of America. Jack knows everything about every state.

In fact, earlier in the day, he put down a piece of half-eaten cheese and started walking away. I yelled out after him, "Jack! What state does that piece of cheese remind you of?"

He replied instantly, without turning around. "Mississippi!"

Sure enough, the half-eaten piece of cheese looked like Mississippi.

An evening with Hitomi-san

The various faces of Hitomi
Had an enjoyable evening roaming around in Ginza tonight! We ate at [Yabaton]( (per [Jauder]('s suggestion) and then wandered over to [Don Quijote]( *[sic]* for some really entertaining shopping. More photos later. :)