Downtown San Francisco HDR Photos

Downtown San Francisco in HDR
While I was out shooting the fire on Angel Island, I snapped a few bracketed shots for SF in High Dynamic Range (HDR). They came out really mild, but they aren't bad for a few minutes' work in suboptimal conditions; one of these days, conditions will be perfect and I'll get a really nice shot.

For reference, I've also included a non-HDR frame of each image (plus one non-HDR image that just didn't work as HDR). Sorry about the order of the images -- the Smugmug Wordpress plug-in is doing something strange.

New York HDR Experiment

New York HDR Experiment, Canon 1Ds Mk III
In the few minutes before running out for dinner, I set a tripod up and snapped a few images out of the window. They turned out OK, but I think the exposures were too long. The swaying of the building actually shows up in some of the frames!

Manta Ray Bay Hotel HDR

The Manta Ray Bay hotel pool and the Mnuw
I snapped a few HDR shots on the way out to dinner last night. The clouds in Yap are incredible, and I've wanted to take this shot for some time, along with a mostly-clear sky and stars twinkling. But by the time the sky is dark enough for this sort of shot, exposures become quite long (the brightest exposures of the HDR series can be 8-10 seconds or more). And because the Mnuw is a boat, it rocks back and forth slightly, and wind pushes the tarp and other elements around.

I plan on doing some time-lapse photography of clouds moving sometime in the next day or two.