Marriage certificate for grade schoolers

Is it me, or does the San Francisco "souvenir" marriage certificate look like it was designed for grade schoolers?

"Look, Mom! I got 'most likely to stay together' on my marriage test!"

An official marriage record costs $14 and must be ordered by mail. Still, it would be nice to leave City Hall with something you'd actually want to keep!

This could have been good...

Background: Jim Abernethy is deathly afraid of scary movies. > From: Eric Cheng Date: September 25, 2010 10:33:40 PM PDT To: Jim Abernethy Subject: The Shining, trailer

> Jim:

> Watch this trailer for The Shining. See? It's not that bad -- you'll be fine, if you see it!

A trailer for *Shining*

> From: Jim Abernethy Date: October 2, 2010 6:06:44 AM PDT To: Eric Cheng Subject: Re: The Shining, trailer

> I guess the movie isn't scary or is this a trick? Save The Sharks, Jim

> From: Eric Cheng Date: October 3, 2010 9:15:32 AM PDT To: Jim Abernethy Cc: Wade Walcher Subject: Re: The Shining, trailer

> Jim - It's not too scary! I'm cc'ing Wade on this. He'll back me up.

> Wade?

> From: WADE WALCHER Date: October 3, 2010 9:33:02 AM PDT To: Eric Cheng Cc: Jim Abernethy Subject: Re: The Shining, trailer

> The one I watched was not scary at all. Wade.

> Sent from my iPhone

> From: Jim Abernethy Date: October 3, 2010 9:26:37 AM PDT To: Eric Cheng Cc: Wade Walcher Subject: Re: The Shining, trailer

> OK Joke's on me! The other trailer wasn't the right one! I just found this on you tube! Very very scary! I couldn't even watch the trailer! Save The Sharks, Jim

My flying buddy

my flying buddy was really friendly
Actually, she was really friendly, but was clearly a nightmare traveler. She put all of her belongings in the seat between us and constantly fidgeted with her bags and travel accessories (e.g. a blanket, 3 pillows behind her, 1 pillow on her lap, and some sort of powder mixed in a water bottle).

Twitter activity from 12 hours ago:

> *The neurotic woman next to me on SFO-NRT just went on a rampage, closing 6 overhead vents near her (in 2 rows). I turned mine back on.*

> *SFO-NRT seat-mate: "I watched you book your seat online. My seat is very important to me." Okaaaay...*

To adult Twilight fans

To adult Twilight fans --This is what other adults see in you when they find out you are a Twilight fan:

twilight fans Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it depends on what you're going for, I suppose.

Me and my girl

I drew a picture of Pam and me using [Penultimate](, a notebook app for the iPad. I think it's pretty accurate.

Adam Lau brings his own big wheel

[Adam Lau]( went to the 10th annual [Bring Your Own Big Wheel]( event in San Francisco and attached a video camera to the front of his big boy tricycle to capture the chaos.

I wish I had gone! I thought for sure that it would have been rained out.