Maker Faire 2010 video

Short video of Maker Faire 2010 shot with Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR
I was working my underwater photography booth for most of [Maker Faire 2010](, but I did get to wander around for a bit. Most of this video is actually from a performance by [ArcAttack]( They use two solid-state tesla coils and a robotic drummer to generate music while a skinny guy in a Faraday cage suit dances around. Fascinating stuff!

Photos from Maker Faire 2010

Tesla coils are modulated to produce music (Maker Faire 2010)
I am sitting in my booth (#188) at [Maker Faire]( It's Sunday morning, and people are just starting to wander into the grounds from the parking lot. Things seem to be a lot quieter today (so far); yesterday morning, it was so crowded that it took 30 minutes just to get into the parking lot, and I had to wade through crowds of people to get to the booth. Still, there is a lot of energy in the air, and I am excited for my talk on Center Stage at 1pm.

Quite a few people I know dropped by yesterday to say hi and to see my 48" aluminum marine life prints. Being Maker Faire, most people seemed to be really interested in what equipment is used to take underwater photos and what process was used to print them onto aluminum.

Special thanks to the folks at [Backscatter](, [Gates Housings](, [Reef Photo & Video]( and [Dive Chronicles]( for lending me their exhibition lighting, and to Don Kehoe, [Adam Lau](, Laurel Stewart, Zandra Lee and Pam for helping to set up and work the booth. I couldn't have done it without all of you!

I've posted a bunch of photos here, and will be updating this entry with images as the day goes on.

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Maker Faire booth setup, timelapse

Don Kehoe, Adam Lau and I set up my [Maker Faire]( booth yesterday morning here at the San Mateo Event Center. I've never set up an exhibit using cyclone fencing nor had to put up my own lighting, but with the help of friends like Don and Adam (and Backscatter, Reef Photo/Video, Gates Housings, and Dive Chronicles for lights), we set up an exhibit that doesn't look half bad!

People seem to be confused when they see the booth (we are not the typical exhibitor), but the folks who have come in for a look have been appreciative of the work.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, come in for a look! Information about Maker Faire can be found [at their website]( Also, I'm speaking on center stage tomorrow at 1pm.

As a bonus, here is video of us loading the prints up in San Diego. It was approximately 10% loading and 90% untangling of rope.

See my prints at Maker Faire, May 22-23, 2010

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, come see 14 of my large aluminum marine-life prints on Sat/Sun, May 22-23, 2010. I'll be [exhibiting]( at [Maker Faire]( (the ultimate do-it-yourself gathering) at the San Mateo County Event Center. My 30' x 30' exhibition space will be inside somewhere, so come find me!

These are the same prints I showed at [G2 Gallery in Venice Beach](/journal/2009/08/17/photos-from-h2o-show-reception-g2-gallery/) last year; if you missed them there, come see them in San Mateo!

I'm also giving a talk about sperm whales and flashlight fish on center stage at 1pm Sunday, May 23.

photo from the G2 Gallery show last year

See you there!