Joshua Tree National Park at night

This was my first motion dolly timelapse attempt. We learned a lot that night; somehow, multiple failures still resulted in a video! Thanks to Jody Elliott for loaning me her 1Ds Mark III for the shoot and to Jason Bradley for shooting with me and hauling the gear down from the Bay Area.

Kyoto Tower Hotel intersection tilt-shift timelapse

A timelapse video of the intersection in front of the Kyoto Tower Hotel taken from a room at the Hotel Granvia Kyoto. Shot with Canon EOS 7D. Individual frames processed / exported in Lightroom and lens-blurred with alpha channel depth map in Photoshop. Timelapse video created in Quicktime 7 Pro. Shot and processed to emulate tilt-shift miniaturization videos.

Kyoto taxi stand timelapse, Japan

I took this timelapse from my window at the Hotel Granvia Kyoto. There was an excellent elevated walkway above the train station as well, but I didn't have time to shoot it.

Frames captured with Canon EOS 7D, processed/exported in Adobe Lightroom, and built into a video using Quicktime 7 Pro.

Timelapse: Saint-Martin canal cruise in Paris

A timelapse video of a 2.5 hour cruise in the Saint-Martin canal in Paris -- very cool because there is an altitude gain of approximately 24 meters through a bunch of sequential locks.

I created the timelapse by taking 1510 images at 3-second intervals using the Canon 5D Mark II, Sigma 20mm/f1.8 lens, ISO 1600, manual exposure. The camera ran out of batteries about 60 minutes before the end of the cruise. Also, I cut out about 5-6 seconds of the first tunnel because it was too much of the same.

The Longest Way 1.0 - on year walk in China

Christoph Rehage walks 4646km through China between November 9, 2007 and November 13, 2008 (via Jauder Ho)

> *All of the distance from Beijing to Ürümqi has been completed solely on foot, straight good old walking. There are instances where you can see me in the video sitting on a plane or riding a boat, but those are during breaks I had to take from walking, either to sort out bureaucracy issues or to take care of some personal things.*

> *The core of this project is in fact my website where I have posted my extensive travel diary, starting from day 1 (Nov 9th 2007) and describing every single day until the end one year later.*

I am a gardener, part 2 -- proof!

[flashvideo filename=videos/herb-concept.flv width=492 height=368 floatingcontrols=true /]
my little hydroponic herb garden: it's ALIVE!
Sorry for the jumps in camera position. It's hard to keep a little camera on a gorillapod attached to a computer and an AC adapter on a kitchen counter for days at a time without bumping it every once in awhile!

**UPDATE** 5/24/09 - I built a new movie and replaced the one on this page. The herbs keep growing!

**UPDATE** 6/9/09 - Yet another update! The garden is prospering, although I left town for 2 weeks and had a couple problems. Firstly, I couldn't raise the lights so the tops of the fastgrowing herbs hit the lights and burned to a crisp. Secondly, the system ran out of water. I replenished the reservoir when I returned home, and all is well.

Clouds, time-lapse video

Clouds, by Eric Cheng.
I wandered down the road yesterday and set up a camera and tripod to take time-lapse videos of clouds. The clouds here in Yap are incredible, and every time I see a particularly voluminous one, I think of time-lapse. Unfortunately, the big ones are often way off on the horizon and would require a really long lens and heavy tripod to do properly, but I still managed to shoot some interesting proofs of concept. I want to shoot a really long cloud time-lapse as a background video I can play in the framed 46" LCD on my wall.

Read on for another video.

Mnuw and Clouds, Yap, by Eric Cheng.