Iceberg arch collapse in Antarctica

When I was on the Sea Shepherd boat in Antarctica during 2009/2010, I captured an unusual sequence of images: a sequence of an iceberg arch collapsing. I literally raised my camera to my eye (Canon 1D Mark II w/70-200/2.8L lens), and the arch collapsed. I mashed the shutter button down and captured 20 frames—in bursts. I shot in bursts because I was afraid that the buffer wouldn't hold. Later, I pulled the frames into Motion and created this video.

Antarctica: 'Hell yeah you go', by Adam Lau

Animal Planet film team on the bow of the Steve Irwin. Photo: Adam Lau
My co-photographer Adam Lau has an article out at Sports Shooter about our trip to Antarctica to document Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling campaign. It captures what we went through very well, and there's even a photo of me in the mix. Worth the read. Congrats, Adam!

Also, here's a link to the discussion thread at SportsShooter. I think someone should ask Adam for a tutorial on SuperClamp usage. ;)

Antarctica mind map packing list

Antarctica mind map packing list, originally uploaded by echeng.

I spent hours yesterday packing up for my upcoming trip to Antarctica, and have managed to cram just about everything into two 50lb bags (the new international standard for us North Americans), plus a heavy camera backpack (the Gura Gear Kiboko bag) and a ThinkTank Urban Disguise 60 as carry-ons. I used a mind-map to plan for the trip, and then converted it to an OPML outline document, which I printed out for reference during packing.

Because I will be going directly to Indonesia after Antarctica, creating a packing list proved to be a little tricky. Instead of trying to lug a third 50lb bag with me to the Southern Ocean before ending up in Indo, I sent my underwater camera to Hawaii (with a friend) to be delivered to another friend, who will meet me in Manado with the bag in a few months.

I'm also testing out journal posting via Flickr e-mail, which will allow me to post a single image plus commentary when I am on the road. I'm sending this from my satellite phone email system (although I'm connected through traditional internet at the moment). The real (and ridiculously slow) test will have to happen tomorrow...