SLSQ Summer Chamber Music Seminar 2005 Group Photo

I'm starting to associate July 4th weekend with the annual St. Lawrence String Quartet Summer Chamber Music Seminar 2005. This year's workshop featured guest faculty members Henk Guittart (viola), Kwang-Wu Kim (piano), Stephen Prutsman (piano), and Peter Stumpf (cello), and special guests Timothy Bergen (luthier), Patrick Heaney (bowmaker), Tamara Bernstein (music writer), and John Lad (taiji master).

As usual, the seminar was great fun (and exhausting!). Coachings upon coachings piled up on top of one another, and by the end of the week we had been pulled by coaches in every musical direction imaginable (and I mean that in the very best way possible :).

Extra events included a chamber orchestra reading, talks about Eugene Lehner, Schoenberg, music writing, and the annual BBQ/music reading party at Ray and Jack's place in Atherton. It was Canada Day on July 1st, and I can't imagine a better way to celebrate it than with a bunch of Canadians playing and singing the national anthem at a barbecue in Atherton.

I also really enjoyed spending time with participants returning from previous years (and, of course, with new participants) -- although I was much less social this year because I had to go home in the evenings to do other work.

I've put a selection of photos below, but you can also see the entire gallery (and purchase prints) by going to my smugmug gallery: [see the entire image gallery]

Of specific interested, you may want to check out the group photos, which you can download in all of their full-resolution glory: [group photo] [wacky group photo]

Last year's image gallery is also available online. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend next year's seminar; I'm already sad about it, and it's still a year away. :(

UPDATE: Program and participant bios available for download [program, microsoft word doc]

Eric Cheng, Cellist (sometimes)
July 4, 2005

Please leave me a message! (that's to all you participants out there. :)

Special thanks to Sabrina Lee and Julia Greer for being great chamber music partners, Warren Wu and Rachel Goldeen for taking control of my camera a couple of times, Charlotte Lai for being so helpful with everything, and Lesley Robertson and Barbara Greenwood for the majority of the seminar planning.

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[see all photographs and buy prints]

Masterclass: Cecilia Quartet, from Toronto

Masterclass: Matangi Quartet, from Holland

Masterclass: Tokai Quartet, from Toronto

Henk Guittart lectures about Schoenberg and Eugene Lehner

Amanda Goodwin, Ivy Zenobi, Julie Lee, Shoanie Young, and international playboy Ilya Levtov

The St. Lawrence String Quartet performs Haydn

The St. Lawrence String Quartet performs Haydn

Peter Stumpf and Stephen Prutsman perform Debussey

Geoff plays around with Mattie's hair

Chris and Barry

Masterclass: St. Petersburg Piano Trio, from Russia

Masterclass: Marfems 5tet

Henk and Ilya speak about the origin of the word, "Drovnats"

Hanging out one evening with Cindy Mong, Ivy Zenobi, Ilya Levtov, Cory Bonn, and Shoanie Young

Coaching with pianist Geoff Nuttall

Coaching with pianist Geoff Nuttall

Barbara informs us that anyone who isn't in a seat must leave. No one leaves.

Geoff peeks out from backstage

Sold out (free) crowd to see the SLSQ perform with Kwang-Wu Kim

We're not violating any fire codes. Really.

Ed Wu and Benjamin Chen

John Lad plays with his balls.

Lesley, Geoff, Jack, and baby

Cool lighting at the BBQ

Ilya takes a bite at Barry's hotdog

BBQ at Ray and Jack's

Cory, Julie, Shoanie, Eric Cheng, and Eric Cheng

In celebration of Canada Day, the Canadians break out into the national anthem, and then say, "eh?" a bunch of times.

Lesley and Canada pin

Eric Cheng #2 in cool light

Cindy Mong and Ilya Levtov. Can I reiterate that I never got a massage? ;)

The Cecilia Quartet plays in the 4-quartet song

The SLSQ play in the 4-quartet song

The 4-quartet song

Matangi Quartet

Henk Guittart, conducting

Eric, Barry, Anicia, and Rafael read music

Barry, Eric, Sam, and Anicia read a piece by one of Barry's friends

Timothy Bergen, luthier

Patrick Heaney, bow guy

Best Friends 4ever!

Barbara Greenwood and Charlotte Lai

Masterclass: Frestl Quartet

Masterclass: JES Trio (Julia Greer, Eric Cheng, Sabrina Lee)

Masterclass: The Madrone Quartet

Masterclass: Caroline Cloutier and Ray Walton

Chris Costanza vs. Ivy Zenobi

Masterclass: Caroline Cloutier and Ray Walton

Masterclass: WaCaWu Trio (Warren Wu, Caroline Cloutier, Ray Walton)

Masterclass: Twechn Quartet

Masterclass; JuJu Trio

Barry Shiffman, Chris Costanza, and Tamara Bernstein

Group Photo

Group Photo (wacky)

Jeremy, Cindy, Sandy, Eric

Jeremy, Eric, Shoanie, Cory, Sandy, Cindy, Ivy

Our group! Eric, Sabrina, and Julia. It's a little blurry. :(

Peter Stumpf chats with the Madrone Quartet

Eric Cheng and Eric Cheng. We rule.

4 Quartet Piece - Panorama

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