Walkera Lama3 RC helicopter with GoPro HD Hero camera

@echeng and his chopper I went up on the roof with [Sterling](http://sterlingz.net/) to fly my Walkera Lama3 RC helicopter, which has custom carbon fiber skids and [GoPro HD Hero](http://gopro.com/) camera mount (made by my good friend, Don Kehoe). It was my first outdoor flight with the rig -- scary, because the 'copter is front heavy now, which means that it really wants to go forward, and because there was quite a bit of wind.

@echeng bringing his copter in for a landing

The custom mount is beautiful, but a little tight, which means that the isolating foam isn't thick enough to prevent vibrations. CMOS cameras with rolling shutters (like the GoPro) really need to be shock mounted on helicopters to prevent the video from suffering from CMOS "wobble."


Eventually, I'll have this thing trimmed perfectly with a mount that doesn't vibrate, after which I'll be able to fly it without worrying that it will end up in pieces.

Walkera Lama3 RC helicopter with GoPro camera

My buddy Don Kehoe built new landing skids and a GoPro HD Hero camera mount for my Lama3 RC helicopter. I popped it off of the ground briefly to see whether the new rig is balanced, and it is! Can't wait to take it somewhere to take some aerials.

One issue to deal with: the GoPro is vibrating harmonically. I think we may need a larger mount with more foam to dampen it.