Photoshelter Luminance talk about Lytro light field cameras

Eric Cheng speaks at Luminance 2012 from on Vimeo.

In September, I went to New York to give a talk at [Luminance](, a fantastic event organized by Photoshelter to celebrate and explore the intersection of business, technology, culture and photography. The talks were almost all really interesting, and the discussions that happened in the break area between the talks were equally as interesting. I hope Photoshelter puts on another event next year. If you're interested, please [let them know](!

Also, Photoshelter is running a [Lytro camera giveaway]( through the end of November. All you have to do is [sign up for their newsletter]( to be in the running to receive an 8GB Graphite Lytro camera.

Help me and Lytro get to SXSW

Hello, everyone. Lytro's SXSW 2012 panel pages are online for public voting. Please help us get our panels selected for next year's conference! To vote, [login to (or create) your SXSW account]( (free—easy to register), and then click on the thumbs up button at each of the following panel pages: - [Building Active Photography Communities]( (Eric Cheng) - [Mapping Out the Future of Photography]( (Ren Ng) - [Beyond the Buzz: Maintaining Momentum Post-Launch]( (Kira Wampler) - [Turning PhD Concepts into Cocktail Conversations]( (Kira Wampler) - [The Creative Class in High Tech]( (Victoria Hoyle) - [The Customer Is (Mostly) Never Wrong]( (Chris Macomber) - [Legal Dos and Don'ts From a Startup Veteran]( (Mariana Antcheva) - [Giving Your Product a Passport]( (Kristen Berman) - [Form v. Function: Rethinking Conventional Product]( (Dave Evans)

Thank you!

Lytro vs iPhone vs Lizard vs Joe

I was in Monterey earlier this week and took a [Lytro]( shot of [Joe Platko]( with a tiny little lizard on his hand. Immediately after, [Jason Bradley]( took a shot with his iPhone. Here are the two shots.

How to take a Lytro picture of a dude holding a CD

Internalizing Lytro light field photography techniques can take time and practice, but there's an easy one that you can master in no time at all. Get a friend to hold an interesting object out in front of him and take a picture, holding your camera really close to the object. We call this picture "the present" (as in the verb, not the noun). Here's a living picture of Alex, one of Lytro's handsome designers, presenting his friend's band's CD:

Here's a picture of me taking that shot. I'm zoomed out all the way (full wide), and the front of my camera is about 4" away from the CD. Note that 4" means 4"—not 6", 8" or 12". I've had Alex tilt the CD so it takes up less of the frame.

You can shoot from further away and still get great refocus by moving backward and zooming in. Here's a shot taken at about 2x zoom (just over half zoomed in everyday mode).

Here's a picture of me taking that picture. I'm zoomed in just over half way in everyday mode (about 2x).

Mastering "the present" gives you an easy way to take highly-refocusable living pictures of your friends. Give it a try!

Lytro eye battle

Here's my eye (self-portrait with a [Lytro]( camera):

Here's a lovely Italian woman's eye, taken today at a Lytro press conference at the Trienalle in Milan.

Mine looks kinda dead in comparison!

Here's a picture of me taking that picture:

Source: [@ocalao](!/ocalao/status/192188968643739648)

More Lytro shots of the new iPad 3rd generation

Following in [Nick Bilton's footsteps](, I took some close-up shots of the new iPad using a [Lytro]( camera in creative mode. The Lytro camera can focus on its lens, so it's really easy to get macro shots of detail.

[See the whole album]( in my Lytro gallery.

More Lytro living pictures!

It is really exciting to be able to post pictures from the Lytro camera, now. :) I posted [50 pictures of Schrep and Erin's cats](

Schrep and Erin's cats

... and an [assorted gallery from the past 10 months](, including pictures of [Coco Rocha]( from our photo shoot back in July of 2011.

[Coco Rocha / Wilhemina NY](

My Lytro photowalk with Robert Scoble

I went on a fun photowalk with Robert Scoble last Tuesday, where we gave him a chance to play with a pre-production [Lytro]( Light Field Camera. Scoble [posted a thoughtful summary]( of the photowalk and included a video interview of me, which you can see here in this post.

CNN feature on Lytro

Ren, [Baby Kai](, and [Koci]( are all in the CNN piece on [Lytro](!

Lytro launches out of stealth mode!

Hello, friends. [Lytro]( is proud to have launched out of stealth mode last night! We are a light field camera company who will change the nature of photography and imaging. Light field cameras capture the entire light field, and not just a single 2-dimensional projection (which is what traditional cameras capture).

Here's a sample living picture taken by my friend, [Jason Bradley](

I'm excited that I can finally talk about what I've been doing for the last 9 months!